Toddler Parent Group | 1-3 years old

After a child passes the one year mark and moves to two and three years old, our parenting journey continues to take off at lightning speed. During these toddler years we get to observe incredible growth intellectually, socially and emotionally.


As parents, we say hello to fostering their curiosity, introducing empathy, answering a lot of why questions, hearing our name close to 1,000 times a day, cleaning up food, toys, and dirt all day every day, and realizing the power of modelling communication and kindness we want them to develop. At the same time, we say goodbye to sitting down, finishing a sentence, and using the restroom alone.


This is another great stage in our parenting journey to gather as a group for an hour a week allowing our kids to practice parallel play and engage in socialization in Parent Spot’s safe, clean, fun Kid Zone as the adults take a moment to enjoy a treat, and share experiences, challenges, joys, and laughter.


Join us for 90 mins each week to enjoy:

  • Friends for both you and your little one

  • Tasty treats to meet both cravings and any allergies

  • Hot coffee and tea & chilled juices

  • Supportive and honest group discussions filled with many laughs

  • Special guest speakers

  • The same mums and dads each week

  • A safe, comfortable environment for your child to play

  • A free evening social event to get to know other parents even better


*At Parent Spot, all materials and toys are sanitized and cleaned to Covid regulations before each meeting using non-toxic, child-safe products. 

Session Times

All groups meet for 90 minutes each week and Term 1, 2022 runs for 10 weeks from January 24th to March 31st.

Frequently Asked Questions

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